Chetna Krishna is a supporting member of MyHelpBuddy since 2019

Chetna Krishna is a supporting member of MyHelpBuddy since 2019

"As much as it's important to learn yourself, it's okay to ask for some help on the way."
- A Buddy in Germany

Chetna Krishna is committed to travelling and exploring the world, inspiring young Indians and others along the way. She joined hands with MyHelpBuddy, a recently established start-up with the same mission to support international students and expats coming to Germany. 

MyHelpBuddy won the Berlin Newcomer Startup Award and is sponsored by The European Social Fund that is EU's main financial instrument for supporting employment in the member states of the European Union. MyHelpBuddy gets you all at one platform- accommodation, sim card, buddy services like airport pickup, interpreter for bureaucratic processes, part time jobs, career guidance and more.


If you're reading this and looking for support, don't hesitate to check out the packages mentioned below or request a customised offer. Avail Chetna's personal code MHB- Chetna to get a 10% discount on your first order.

Package for Students and Job Seekers

Package for Employees

Best wishes for your future endeavours from Little Things That Matter! 

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